Fruity Cacao, Raw Cacao Nibs, and Raw Cacao Powder – More Than Just the Pretty Faces of Super Food

Now, if we have got Sacred Chocolate for a pretty face, we also have other raw organic super foods that are going to be part of the pretty face group. Look at this way, Hollywood can’t afford to have only one pretty face, can’t it. It’s Hollywood so it has to have a lot of beautiful people around.

And with super foods, Sacred chocolate is not alone in being the sexiest super foods around. Because Fruity Cacao, Raw Cacao Nibs and Raw Cacao Powder can have that title too. And just like Sacred Chocolate, these super foods are more than just a pretty face.

And to prove that its more than hype and all, is Fruity Cacao. This super food is the most potent antioxidant now. 14 times more than red wine and 21 times more than green tea, this is how potent it is.

With Raw Cacao Nibs, it has more antioxidants compared to red wine, green tea and blueberries. And not only that, it also has essential minerals like calcium, zinc, iron, copper, sulfur and potassium. It also has chemicals that enhance mental and physical well-being. These chemicals include alkaloids, proteins, beta-carotene, magnesium, leucine, linoleic acid, lysine, lipase and neurotransmitters like anandamine and dopamine.

Then with Raw Cacao Powder it has loads of super-nutrients too. Super-nutrients such as magnesium, MAO inhibitors, anandamide and phenylethylamine.

So these are the pretty faces of the raw organic superfood world. The matinée idols. So pick your favorite chocolate, will it be Raw Cacao Powder, Raw Cacao Nibs, Fruity Cacao or Sacred Chocolate. Have fun deciding. Bye!

Organic Face Cream – What to Avoid, What to Look For

Every woman should learn how to take care of their skin even when they are quite young so they can age with as much grace as possible. While there are numerous factors that play into the health of your skin, many of which you may not even traditionally associate with this part of your body, organic face cream can help make a noticeable difference in how young you appear. Not only should you look for creams that are organic but, altogether you want an antioxidant face cream organic to deliver everything you want from your facial cream. Here are some warning signs to steer clear of as you choose your organic face cream.

· Chemicals are hardly ever desirable when it comes to skin care. Many companies manufacture products that are not considered antioxidant face cream organic because the man-made chemicals are much more affordable than organic, healthy ingredients. Therefore, they can either draw your attention by selling their products for less money or make an even heftier product by charging as much as an organic face cream can be sold for without the high-quality ingredients to keep their profits down.

· The harmful chemicals that make their way into face creams can come in the form of fragrances. These are often added to help cover up the smell of more toxic ingredients and make the product more appealing. Therefore, if you see a facial cream offering varying scents for your pleasure, know that you should avoid these to prevent coming in contact with more harmful chemicals. Plus, the perfumes themselves can sometimes be a skin irritant that you certainly do not need.

Apart from knowing what to avoid, you must also know what should be included in the best antioxidant face cream organic before you decide to make your purchase. Here are a few key points to look for.

· Antioxidants are essential for ridding your body of free radicals that can harm the appearance of your skin and your overall health. These can be obtained from healthy food, but antioxidant face cream organic is a great source for these free radicals fighters as well. Such ingredients include active manuka honey, natural Vitamin E, and Nano Lipobelle E HQ10.

· These ingredients are important, but if you see them combined with chemicals or in a very small concentration, it is not the organic face cream for you. Look for a concentration of at least 50% to get the most efficiency from your investment.

Is Organic Pet Food Necessary?

Owning a dog or a cat is a wonderful experience but it is also a huge responsibility. You are making a commitment to provide all of the necessities for that animal. They include shelter, food, love, attention, and security. One of the areas of care that often is questionable is the foods that they receive. Research has proven giving them foods meant for human consumption can lead to a very unhealthy future for your pet.

What about the various types of foods offered on the market? There are both wet and dry types of cat and dog food offered. There are plenty of brands to select from as well as different choices among each brand. The prices of these foods range significantly from very reasonable to quite expensive.

There are plenty of vets out there that will tell you buying commercial pet food is a terrible idea. This is because many of the ingredients in them can pose a risk to the overall health of your pet. First, they contain many byproducts that cause liver and kidney damage. Since kidney disease is one of the leading causes of death in these types of pets it can be very scary to know this connection exists.

Second, many of the ingredients found in commercial pet foods can actually trigger allergies in your pets. Most owners don’t realize this but that is why their pet seems to have problems with stools, swelling in the abdominal area, vomiting, not eating enough or eating too much, and even their coats not being as shiny and soft as they need to be. It has even been linked to causing seizures in pets.

The answer for all of these situations can be organic pet foods. These are made with only 100% all natural ingredients. They haven’t been grown with any pesticides or herbicides used around them. This includes the ingredients that are grown as well as the animals that may be raised and then included in the products. Those animals are raised in an environment without the use of steroids to help stimulate growth.

As a result of eating such a diet, your pet will be at a much lower risk of various health problems. This can mean a reduction of your vet bill over all. Ask anyone that has had a pet seen for serious health problems and it can be quite expensive. Plus, you do want to do everything you can to offer you pet a long life that is also a healthy one.

The quality of life for pets is an issue that needs to be addressed. It is selfish to keep one around that is having a hard time moving about or that is in serious pain. Health conditions including heart disease and kidney disease are very harsh for any animal to have to face. They suffer tremendously on many levels as the body isn’t able to function like it should.

Based upon such information, organic pet food should be something that you see as a necessity for the overall care of your pets. Even if you didn’t start them on such a diet from the time you took them home, it isn’t too late to change it. Offer them a portion of the organic food with what you normally do. Continue to add more organic food and less of the other on a regular basis until they are eating 100% organic foods.

The cost of buying this type of pet food is more expensive though. If that is what is keeping you from doing it consider another alternative. You can buy the organic ingredients and make the pet food yourself. Make enough for several weeks and then freeze portions that you will thaw and give to your pet on a daily basis.

Organic Face Anti Aging Products: Do They Work?

All we hear about these days is organic this and organic that. Many of us might have switched to organic milk or eggs, but maybe haven’t made the switch in other areas. Organic lollipops? Organic skin care? Is there no end?

You might be surprised to know that of all the organic products available, organic skin care products are one of the most effective and helpful. While what you put into your body is important, we often don’t give much thought to what we put on our skin, yet it’s equally important.

Why organic?

Organic skin care products and organic face creams are free of additives that can harm your skin. While you might think you are giving your skin a good dose of good stuff when you use your traditional products, you are actually putting chemicals on it (like sodium lauryl sulfate, which is actually a degreaser) that can strip it of essential oils and harm, rather than benefit, your skin.

When products are certified organic, they are free of these kinds of chemicals and additives that only harm skin. They will be made using only the highest quality pure ingredients that they can be made of.

What’s in organic products?

Most organic products contain plant-based ingredients that can soften, smooth and cleanse the skin, depending on what the product is designed to do. When you look into organic products, you might be surprised to find out exactly how much natural ingredients can do for your skin.

If you look at the ingredient list of an organic product, you might find the following ingredients (these are some of the ingredients in Athena’s 7 Minute Lift:

Peppermint oil

Orange peel oil

Grapefruit peel oil

Rose flower oil

Sweet almond oil

Avocado oil

What do these do? They lift the skin to reduce wrinkles in 7 minutes which gives just about the fastest results available for any wrinkle cream, and also they contain antioxidants. These antioxidants protect the skin against free radicals.

These are all products that you can not only pronounce, but that you could eat if need be. It’s far less scary to put this stuff on your face than some of the other products available on beauty aisles these days.

Where to find organic products

It’s ideal if you can use both skin and body care products that are organic. If you feed your body well, you will give it a one-two punch of good care if you also put organic products on top of the skin.

These days, you can find some organic products in drug and department stores, but there are also plenty of choices online. One of the advantages of shopping online is you can do a good deal of research before settling on a product; it’s less likely you will get caught up in the promises of a salesperson as you might in a store.

Feed your body well with good food and then treat it well with organic products. They are easy to find, not much more expensive and give you the peace of mind you deserve.