Tips to Affording Organic Raw Foods

Organic raw foods are the best quality however they seem to cost much more. Many people have a perception of food costs that doesn’t take into consideration the nutrient value of the food. In other words, when you eat the nutrient dense raw organic foods you don’t need half as much food.

So, people eat about 1/3 of the calories as conventional food eaters. This is because they eat super foods, organics, and raw food with much more supporting nutrients so that they aren’t as hunger.

And actually, if everybody bought organic foods it would be a big enough industry to be run by a big business that had the resources to cut the cost low enough the way that Wal-Mart has.

Another benefit is that you think better and have much more energy so that you don’t need as much sleep and you can accomplish more and make more money. Not to mention the improved quality of life that is improved when you get off the chemical and processed foods that the industry has corrupted.

Another opinion is that the food you can destroy your health. This of course can waste away your bank account much faster than buying more expensive food at the grocery store. Most people don’t even stop to think about that when they are buying their food. They don’t know that by buying food that isn’t corrupted with chemicals and processed sugars they are preventing many serious health problems that they could face down the road.

The only way to find out would be to ask yourself what you trust in more, a system that has caused obesity, diabetes, and cancer epidemics in the U.S., or God’s original way of growing food. I know which path I’m choosing, and if I can’t afford it then the cable T.V. is going to have to go before the food does.

As it says, “cursed is he who trusteth in man.”